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Metroid is an action-adventure video game developed and published by Nintendo. This is the first installment in the long running series and it was originally released in Japan in August of 1986 and America got their release in August of 1987. The game was produced by Gunpei Yokoi, directed by Satoru Okada and Yoshio Sakamoto and the classic music was composed by Hirokazu Tanaka. The game follows the adventures of Samus Aran as she attempts to retrieve the Metroid Organisms that were stolen by Space Pirates who are attempting to replicate the organisms and use them in biological warfare. Players get awarded different game endings for fast completion times which includes the major twist. The main character is female something that players don't initially know.


Metroid takes place in the fictional planet of Zebes which is a large open-ended world and all areas are connected by doors or elevators. The player controls Samus as she travels through the planets various areas and hunts down the space pirates. Initially she is equipped with a weak power beam and basic ability to jump but through area exploration the player can collect special power ups that grant Samus special abilities as well as enchance her weapons and abilities that also let her explore areas that were previously inaccessible. Some of the power ups  featured in the game are the morph ball which allows Samus to curl into a ball and enter tunnels; the bomb which can only be used in ball form but allows the player to blow through some paths and find hidden entrances; and the screw attack which allows the player to jump in a somersault move that destroys the enemies in its path. Other power ups also include ice beams, long shot, missiles and energy canisters.


In addition to regular enemies the player will also encounter two bosses Ridley and Kraid who must be defeated in order to progress in the game. When regular enemies are destroyed more often than not they provide an energy or ammunition drop that will allow Samus to replenish her stats accordingly. Once Ridley and Kraid are destroyed the player can open the path into the final area and confront the mother brain. Samus is a lone bounty hunter and the Galactic federations last hope of destroying the lair of mother brain and the space pirates.


Metroid has shipped 2.73 million units worldwide. In 2006 Nintendo Power ranked Metroid on its Top 200 game list as 11th of all time on a Nintendo video game console. Two years later the same magazine ranked the game as the 5th best NES game of all time calling it a hybrid of Super Mario Brothers platforming and The Legend of Zelda's exploration and character upgrades. On other Top 100 gaming lists Metroid got ranked 69th by Electronic gaming Monthly and 6th by Game informer. Almost twenty years after its initial release metroid got remade onto the Gameboy Advance in 2004 as Metroid: Zero mission and offered more of a storyline. In a retrospective focusing on the entire series, GameTrailers made a statement on the original game's legacy and the effect on the video game industry. They noted that starting with Metroid, search and discovery is what makes similar games popular today. The website felt that the combination of detailed sprites, original map designs, and an atmospheric musical score "generated an unparalleled ambiance and atmosphere that trapped the viewer in an almost claustrophobic state".


If you were not fortunate enough to play Metroid during your childhood copies of the game are still available for purchase on Nintendo's Consoles and hand held devices today. They are generally on sale for just a few dollars so grab yourself a piece of gaming history today!

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